CSS Styleswitcher

(Mac OS X Safari users: For additional information about browser compatibility with the Styleswitcher, please click here.)

The styleswitcher allows you to change the visual apperance of arcadeparadise.org to your liking, provided - of course - that you have a browser capable of rendering CSS properly (see the Browser Compatibility / Accessibility page for more info). Since the styleswitcher just switches between different stylesheets, this alters the presentational elements of the site (how the site looks) while leaving the content (what the site says) completely untouched. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether leaving the content alone is a good thing or not. :)

There are currently two visual themes that you can choose between: "Raster" and "Vector" (as well as the option to completely turn all CSS off. Aside from the neat-o visual trick in having the site look either more like a raster arcade game or more like a vector arcade game, there's actually an accessibility angle to it: the "vector" visual theme is more high-contrast in terms of colors, borders, and text, and should therefore be easier for some people to read. Ain't that spiffy?

There are two browser components needed in order for the styleswitcher to work: JavaScript and cookies. JavaScript is the scripting language that actually makes the styleswticher run, and a cookie is required to be stored on your computer so that whatever style you choose will remain in effect for all of the pages on this website. (If a cookie isn't stored, any visual change you make will only apply to the page that you're currently on, and not to other pages on the site.) If you have JavaScript and cookies disabled on your browser, the styleswitcher won't work.

If you're the curious (or paranoid) type and you want to take a look at the JavaScript that's being used, you can download it here. The JavaScript also sets where and how the cookie is created and read; the only information that the cookie stores is which visual "style" you prefer, and a flag that tells it to expire 365 days from when it was set.

The JavaScript that's used on this site is a modified version of the script in the article "Alternative Style: Working With Alternate Style Sheets" from the website A List Apart.


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