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Intro: I Still Don't Know Jack!

The previous You Don't Know Jack Controller that I built a few years ago did it's job, and it worked perfectly, but over those past few years I've been kinda dissatisfied with how the whole thing interfaced with the PC. I found the whole "Encoder Box" part of it to be a clunky way to hook the controllers up: not only was it inelegant and overly cumbersome, but it was kinda ugly to boot.

When I originally put the Encoder Box together back then, my thought was to have it be a "modular" interface to the TV that I could conceivably use to hook up a variety of controllers to that PC. But ya know, it's been years since I put the first YDKJ Controller together, and I still haven't thought of anything that I'd even want to hook up to the TV PC. Since then, my thought process has evolved into this: The TV PC should run console emulators and games (which can be played with simple hand-held gamepads) for the simple reason that those are the types of games that were originally meant to be played on a TV in the first place. The other side of that coin is that I'll leave the arcade-style controls to - you guessed it - my arcade cabinet! YDKJ is kind of unique in that it's not an arcade game and it's not a console game (it's a PC game, although it was released as a console game too), but I do feel that it's a game that definitely lends itself more to a "living room" setting than to a "game room" arcade setting.

So with that in mind, I set out to simplify the YDKJ Controller by removing the "Encoder Box" altogether and condensing everything into a single, stand-alone box. Not only would this vastly improve the appearance of the whole contraption, it would simplify the wiring and hook-up process, and it would make it a lot easier to carry around too. (Since building the first YDKJ Controller, I've discovered that it's a lot more popular than I ever predicted it would be, so I wanted it to be something that I could easily bring to parties!)

So tell me how many players are playing, enter your names, let me know if you want a 7-question game or a 21-question game, and read on!

Since this is a flat-out replacement of (and improvement over) the previous YDKJ Controller and Encoder Box, I've removed the older versions from this website's menus. If you still want to see the older pages for "historical purposes" though, the pages still exist, and you can get to them here:


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