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This is the part of the project where I spent the most amount of time, not only with the design aspects of the cabinet, but also with things like control panel layout, measurements, etc.

In the year or so since I built the first Arcade Paradise cabinet, there have been people that have done some really cool things with their cabs...things that I hadn't seen or thought of a year ago. You know, those things that made me think, "Ooh, I've got to do that on my next cabinet." Well, this is that cabinet.

There were a few things that I knew that I would want going into this project:

I planned out the whole cabinet using Visio 5.0 Plus, which is certainly a step up from the old graph paper that I used last time. I was able to not only map out the dimensions and angles of the cabinet, but also how the inside components (monitor shelf, computer shelf, marquee bottom) would be mounted. I also plotted it out on a 4' x 8' grid so that I could juggle around how I was going to cut the 4' x 8' sheets of MDF once I bought them.

Head over to the Downloads section to grab the dimensions for this cabinet in either .VSD (Visio 5.0 Plus) format or .GIF format.


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