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I toyed around with the idea of just naming this cabinet "Arcade Paradise" as a replacement to the first cabinet, but I could never desicrate the original Arcade Paradise cabinet like that. This one isn't a replacement, because the first cabinet could never really be replaced. And it's not "Arcade Paradise II", mind's "Arcade Paradise 2".

Click to download the full size marquee (Zipped BMP, 260 KB).

Obviously, the "Arcade Paradise" logo is the same. I tried to find a number "2" that I liked, but none of the hundreds of fonts that I have had one that fit. So I did it the hard way: I used a thick marker and just drew the "2" by hand and then scanned it in, cleaned it up, set the colors accordingly, and added the "glow" effect behind it. Granted, this took a bit longer than I had planned, but it's pretty cool to look up at the marquee and know that part of the logo is my own handwriting.

Design-wise, it's very similar to the original Arcade Paradise marquee: the logo in the center with various characters from the classic games displayed all over the rest of it.

Printing the thing actually turned out to be a much bigger pain in the ass than it should have been. For this marquee, I decided to go the professional route and have the local Kinko's print it up for me. I saved it as a Bitmap (no compression) on a CD and brought it over to them. I told the guy that wrote my order down that this image needed to be printed at its actual size - 26" x 8". I made sure to specify this just in case there might be some kind of wacky cross-program or cross-platform issues when they opened it (I created it in Photoshop on a PC). When I said it, I saw the guy write down on my work order printout needs to be 26" x 8".

The next day I went back to Kinko's to pick it up, and the damn thing was 42" x 13"! I argued back-and-forth with the guy behind the counter for a good five minutes. According to him, the image that I brought him was 42" x 13", and they were unable to "resize" it to 26" x 8" for me. I hate being told that I'm wrong when I know that I'm not, but I finally just told them that I would "resize" the image myself. I scaled it down to what they said they needed it to be (even though that now made it much smaller than 26" x 8" according to every program on my computer) and brought it back to them. When I went back to pick it up, it was once again 42" x 13"! I finally asked if I could just open the original file myself on one their computers to check it out. They agreed and fired up MS-Paint on one of their PCs (yes, MS-Paint...the choice of professional printers everywhere). I put in the CD, opened the file up, clicked on Image - Attributes - Inches, and whaddya know...its 26" x 8"! #%*!@$*%!!!

So I asked if we could just print it right then and there from that computer since it was obviously the right size, but they then gave me the excuse that their printer "just quit working" and it would be down for the remainder of the day until their "network guy" could come in. #$!#^@#*(!@#*$%!!!!!

Light 'em up!

So...I went to a different Kinko's down the road and dropped the CD off there. On the first try, they printed up a perfectly-sized 26" x 8" marquee. Whew!

To mount the marquee to the cabinet, I "sandwiched" the printout between two 32" x 8" pieces of plexiglass, and used cut out two 32" strips of the Happ Controls marquee holder. It looks really nice and professional.


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