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Cabinet Construction

Sides cut.

Once I had all of the cutlines measured and traced out on the 4' x 8' pieces of MDF, I cut the pieces out. I used the good ol' trusty Groovy Circular Saw for most of the straight cuts, and my jigsaw for the odds and ends like corners and smaller holes. Once I had the two main sides cut out, I clamped them to each other and sanded them down to make sure that they were perfectly uniform with each other.

Of course, it wouldn't be an arcade project for me if I didn't connive the father-in-law into loaning me some tools. I don't own a router to cut the slots out for the t-molding...but guess who does? The next time that he came over to visit, he brought one over and we routed the slots out. The slots actually turned out wider than they needed to be (we only had the one blade that came with the cutter, which was way too wide), so I shot some hot glue into the slots when I put the t-molding in.

Tip: Cutting the t-molding slots out while the sides are still just free-standing pieces of wood is a hell of a lot easier than trying to do it once the cabinet is actually assembled.

Pictures taken during various phases of construction. Oooooh! Aaaaaahh!
(Clicky for a bigger piccy.)

Besides wheedling the father-in-law into loaning me tools, doing an arcade project also requires that I sucker T into helping me assemble the actual cabinet. The first step was to take the left side piece of the cabinet, lay it on it's back, and attach the bottom piece to it. We then attached the right side piece to the bottom. Those three pieces were enough that it could lay there on it's own without falling over, so I then attached the rest of the joining pieces: the top, top-rear, marquee bottom, computer shelf, and a couple of 2x4s length-wise for added security. Oh, and I also fastened casters onto the bottom. We then stood the cabinet up, and after measuring and cutting a hole out of the center for the soon-to-be-installed coin door, I attached the front door on. And that was that.


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