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All website contents - including text, diagrams, drawings, sketches, schematics, and photos - are Copyright © 1999-2005 arcadeparadise.org / John Pinner IV unless otherwise specified. You are welcome to download, use, and/or redistribute any information found on this site free of charge, but for personal (non-commercial) use only. The use of any contents from this website in a commercial context is prohibited.

The culture of this hobby is full of a lot of great people who generously share and collaborate information. It goes without saying that I never could've gotten anywhere if it weren't for these people, and it's my hope that I able to somehow give a little back to the community. That said, this is all a fun hobby for me, and I'm not making any profit off of any part of it...so if I'm not making any profit off of my own work, you're certainly not making any profit off of my work either. Capice?

You are free to redistribute anything from this website too, but you are forbidden to alter any of the work in a way that attempts to credit yourself (or anyone else) as the originator of said work. If you do redistribute anything from this website, a link back to www.arcadeparadise.org as the origin of the work that you're redistributing sure would be nice.


The information presented on this website is for educational and entertainment purposes only. No warrantees or guarantees are made or implied as to the accuracy of the information, and no one affiliated with arcadeparadise.org shall be held responsible for any damages or injuries sustained due to the use (or misuse) of any information found on this website.

I'm not a carpenter or an electrician by trade, and I can only share my experiences in what has (or has not) worked for me. However, I can't guarantee that doing something exactly the way that I did it won't somehow yield disastrous results for you. As with anything that you read on the Internet, always make sure to double-check everything with known trustworthy sources. Between the usage of power tools and the fiddling around with electricity, there are an awful lot of ways to get yourself or your property damaged, so please be careful!

Privacy Policy

No personal information about you being is gathered or will be redistributed while you are visiting and reading this website. Certain aspects of your connection and your computer are recorded and logged, but it's very common "default"-level information that pretty much every website out there records.

Arcadeparadise.org is using JavaScript and cookies for the CSS Styleswitcher functionality only, and no additional information is gathered or placed between your computer and this website. More information on what the styleswitcher is can be read on the CSS Styleswitcher page.

If you're the paranoid type, you can clear and disable cookies in your browser and turn off JavaScript, and this site will still work.


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